The Fifth Quarter’s “Taste & Travel” concept

… an authentic wine-trading and culinary travel venture

At the very heart of The Fifth Quarter’s ‘Taste & Travel’ lie wine, food and the regions from which they originate, the soul of the regions, the mentality, the pride and the place they take in their local cultures.

The continued journey of discovery with wine, food and the local preparation methods furthers our understanding and respect for these cultures, and the relationship they have with one and other. The aim of Taste & Travel is to discover the relationships different cultures and ethnic groups have with wine and gourmet food and demonstrate this with passion and flair around the world.

The international world of wine, the diverseness and cultural importance are our passion.

Through the enjoyment of wine and culinary specialities, we discover the tradition and history of a culture, the character and even intellectual values.

Wine, food and people work hand in hand together.

Roland Birr, the soul of The Fifth Quarter has been learnt, studied and been involved in wine production and trade of wine in Bordeaux, South Africa, California, Mexico and Germany since the 1980’s.

Three decades of experience in international wine trade, wine production and intercultural wine and food marketing have shaped his global and holistic culinary understanding. The international oenologist, wine merchant and “wine & food edutainer” is today the face of leading family wineries and wine projects in Europe and overseas. Under the brand „The Fifth Quarter“ he has gained international expertise with his informative wine & food presentations.

Dive into the world of The Fifth Quarter.

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