Botanicals, wood fired!

… gin as gin can !

In the truest sense of the word a “fire-work” – GIN.

A culinary firework to the artisanal extraction of plant flavours by distillation, their effect and impressive combination with meat, fish and vegetable specialties authentically prepared on an open wood fire.

Enjoy a glass with detailed information about gin in its most perfect form, crafted in small family-owned distilleries, in the wood-fired “pot-still” process inspired by herbal extracts of the planet’s oldest flora, the Cape Floral Kingdom, an original stretch of coastline from South Africa’s Namaqualand to Port Elisabeth – one of six “Hot Spots” of the highest biodiversity still existing worldwide.

Taste the best of what the gin world has to offer and discover the herbal, leaf and flower flavours of Fynbos, the genetically diverse primeval vegetation of South Africa: rooibos, curry bush, honey bush, mountain and Coastal Protea, Geranium, Cape Heath, Sanguine, Crab Bush and Aloe.
All these authentic South African “botanicals” find their rebirth in the unique gins of Lorna & Michael Scott’s Inverroche distillery in Still Bay in the Western Cape.
Also specialties such as the twelve months chilli extracted Gin “Ginifer” from the small Angel Heart Gin distillery in the heart of Johannesburg.The touch of blue pea blossom extracts in the Six Dogs “blue” from the Karoo, blood orange essences in the “Bloedlemon” from Capetown or the influence of Malaysian botany such as cardamom, star anise, galangal, lemongrass and cloves in Pienaar & Son’s “Orient”.
On this event your taste buds will be accompanied by Black Angus “Picanha” and lobster tails, pea and chilli lamb, Mozambique Ginger Garlic Prawns, Cape Malay Curry, Boerewors, Gin Salmon, Orange Halibut from the BBQ board.

A high percentage, culinary firework display for adults …

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