Ocean Feast (Hummer Nummer)

Since 1996, we celebrate the now legendary “Hummer Nummer” – a wine and seafood orgy, in many countries in Europe, Asia and South Africa.
Opulent plates filled with seafood such as lobster, oysters, crabs, scampi, shrimp, mussels and snails, impressively staged on long tables or individual tables.
This maritime-hedonistic spectacle is accompanied by seven wines of the most varied provenances and grape varieties that are matched to the sea dwellers – positioned in contrast to each other for personal tasting.
A communicative fun to event to enjoy the passion of authentic seafood “à la francaise”.

Experience the Hummer Number either in our own “Tasting Room” in Cologne-Seeberg or in a variety of other places across Germany and Europe (see event calendar), passionately presented by international oenologist and wine & food ‘edutainer’ Roland Birr.

In our Tasting Room – or in your own location – the “Hummer Number” can also be booked individually for closed groups.

Please contact us: +49 176 40289039

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