‘Ars Vivendi’ Gourmet Bus Tour

“Ars Vivendi – the Art of Living” stages a four-day wine and gourmet bus trip to the valleys of Mosel, Ruwer, Rhine, Reuss and Main rivers. The international oenologist and “Wine & Food Edutainer” Roland Birr leads you on an authentic culinary journey with the GEHLE luxury gourmet bus through Germany and Switzerland. Guaranteed fun in the legendary “The Fifth Quarter” style.

Enjoy world famous Rieslings & Seafood on the steep slopes of Ruwer celebrated with Count Kesselstatt at Marienlay Castle.
“New German Cuisine of the Forests” with star chef Harald Rüssel in the country hotel Rüssel in Naurath and the great wines of the vineyard Bernhard Kirsten. Cult wine series “Blutsbruder” in large bottles with Black Angus cuts on open wood fires in the Winery Karl May in the Wonnegau and their legendary Burgunder interpretations.
Legendary wines by and with Joachim Heger in Ihringen and Baden family cuisine in the heart of the Kaiserstuhl.
Breeding of Char in fresh water and their preparation in Bremgarten – the oldest family fish farm in Switzerland.
Specialty distillery Humbel with an excursion into the distillation of different Sherry varieties.
Risotto workshop with Andrea de Lusi and traditional cheese fondue in the family winery Nauer in the Swiss Aargau, all staged as accompaniment to the Nauer’s wine collection.
“The Fifth Quarter” large bottle tasting in the Motorsport Lounge and “Beef & Reef” BBQ at the “private pool” in the Landhaus Orth in the Odenwald.

Four days “bigger than life” with Roland Birr and relaxing in the spacious GEHLE luxury coach, max. 25 participants in the 50 “Seater” 5 star coach, accommodation in the Landhaus Rüssel in the Hunsrück forest near Naurath, in Ihringen on the Kaiserstuhl and in Bremgarten in Aargau.

The “Ars Vivendi Gourmet Bus Tour” takes place on fixed dates, but can also be booked individually for closed groups.

Please contact us: +49 176 40289039

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