Culinary Bangkok

This seven-day journey offers a deep insight into the culinary life of the Thai people, and authentically shows their eating and drinking habits influenced by the Khmer, Malaysia, India and China.
The Theravada Buddhism plays an essential role in this and forms a fundamental component of this journey and for the basic understanding of the impressive Thai culture.
For professionals in the wine and food industries, as well as privately interested foodies, gourmets and gourmands, we will showcase agricultural trade structures from the organic farm on the border with Cambodia to Bangkok’s Thalad-Thai Wholesale Store for Retailers – the largest food handling center in South East Asia.
We stage “local Thai cooking” with and with friendly families in the fertile jungle delta of the Chao Phraya and the “Royal Thai Cuisine” experience including “cooking class” in the traditional “Blue Elephant” – the most famous cooking school in Asia.
Live, smell and taste the culinary Bangkok from street food to 5-star hotel cuisine.

Two decades of experience in the wine trade and gastronomic structures in Bangkok combined with profound passionate knowledge of the mysterious Thai culture and an extensive insider network guarantee travellers authentic experiences and education of this pulsating metropolis, far beyond standard tourism.

“Culinary Bangkok” takes place on fixed dates, but can also be booked individually for closed groups.

Please contact us: +49 176 40289039

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