Influenced by a highly developed and passionate attraction to the variations of soil, the nature, its products and the urge to understand the relationships between them, enologist Roland Birr has created an impressive worldwide network of partnerships and knowledge in the presentation of wines, regional specialties and cultures.

Since the late nineties, drawing on this network covering all five continents, with a focus on Asia, Europe and South Africa, travel for professionals and in the meanwhile also for amateurs and wine & food lovers has become the forefront of his professional activity.  Wineries, vineyards, vibrant cities and exotic regions, always driven by the wine trade and the authentic presentation of its products.

With The Fifth Quarter’s business area “Taste & Travel”, Roland Birr now also stages a selection of extraordinary travel experiences for those privately interested in authentic food, wines and history of the respective region.

For over 20 years, the legendary ‘Authentic World’ travel experiences have been visiting – among other destinations – South Africa (Authentic Cape) and Namibia (Authentic Bush), as well as to its further development:  an authentic culinary expedition to Mongolia (Authentic Steppe), taking clients to a time before civilization began – pure adventure!

During the authentic culinary summer (Culinary Summer Finland) and winter camps (Culinary Winter Finland) in Finland, you can experience pure nature and outdoor action in the solitude and silence of Scandinavian forests and lakes. You don’t have to be an angler to enjoy these intense natural experiences.

For over ten years, The Fifth Quarter has been guiding Taste &Travel guests through the untamed wilderness, wild-romantic forests, and meadows of Transylvania. Our ‘Wine & Truffle Camps‘ takes visitors to a place far from the normal rigors of everyday life.

Experience the authentic southern Portuguese way of life in the ‘culinary lockdown’ of a private, exclusive, and traditional Portuguese Finca during our wine & food camp in Portugal , titled  ‘Authentic Setúbal Portugal’.

Roland Birr showcases his pronounced passion for (fly) fishing and nature at many lonely and mindblowing natural spots in unique ‘culinary fishing camps’. An experience that takes in a wide variety of countries and cultures (Finland, Denmark, Germany, Romania, Iceland, Scotland, Mongolia, Angola, and South Africa).

From 2022, Roland Birr will be presenting his new authentic culinary extravaganza ‘Authentic Danube Delta’ in ‘The Fifth Quarter style’. The expansive Danube Delta provides the setting for lots of outdoor action, seclusion, and culinary fun with a glass.

For over two decades he has been touring culinary and cultural Asian metropoles such as Shanghai, Saigon, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok for two decades, presenting insider knowledge gained from extensive local networks, far and beyond what would be described as normal tourist standards in his “Culinary World” travel series.

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