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… wherever people grow wine, there are good wines

About six million hectares of fertile land are planted with vines on earth. Of the estimated 10,000 existing grape varieties, around 2,500 are approved for winemaking. The character and style of wines are influenced by the soil and microclimate of each region as well as by the people who cultivate and develop them with passion and drawing on their cultural background.

Nothing is more individual than personal taste. Only you can decide for yourself whether a wine is good or not. You have to taste the wine, it tastes good to you … and vice versa. Thus, there are only “two wines”, one of them tastes good and the other, which you do not like … depending on the situation in which you enjoy the wine.

We have put together a selection of wine producers from many growing regions around world who develop their wines sustainably, with respect for nature and a strong passion for their respective region.

For more than three decades, international oenologist Roland Birr has built up an impressive global network of family wineries, partnerships and personal wine projects, to which you, as a discerning wine lover, have access via our online store. We wish you a lot of fun in the “click & enjoy” of our selected “Fine Wine Estates & Châteaux”.

Information about our national and international “wine & food edutainment” activities, events and opportunities for you as a private person or company can be found on this website or directly here:


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