Grill to Thrill

… life is a “braai”

The ultimate meat, fish & wine “outdoor” experience, staged worldwide by Roland Birr since the beginning of 2000. True to the South African motto “life is a braai”.
We stage this event in many different locations, demonstrating the authentic preparation of food on open wood fire as it is done and celebrated in South Africa, South America and Asia. Experience different meat cuts, whole fish or their fillets, seafood and vegetables à la minute or for hours over an open flame, glowing logs or smoked.
Always entertaining and informative accompanied by handpicked, international wines from the “Taste & Travel” assortment.

Experience “Grill to Thrill” either in our Tasting Room in Cologne-Seeberg or in a variety of other locations across Germany and Europe. Passionately presented by international oenologist and wine & food ‘edutainer’ Roland Birr. His three decades of experience in Cape-lifestyle and his passion for the South African way of life guarantee a truly authentic experience!

Please contact us: +49 176 40289039

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