… there’s no more beautiful country at this time than ours here and now – Anton Wilhelm Zuccalmaglio

We sustainably explore nature and its gifts in our homeland. A 3-day “vinophile-culinary” outdoor experience with originality of German wine and it’s natural landscapes with it’s wild-romantic forests, meadows and streams in the picturesque valleys of the Ahr near Dernau and the Moselle near Wehlen.

The active outdoor experience “Wild Homeland” means a complete escape from everyday life. A short trip in harmony with nature, exploring of fauna and flora with all your senses. Together we stage the authentic preparation of wild meat from surrounding hunts such as deer, stag, wild boar, pigeon, duck and rabbit, all prepared on open log fires. Relaxing hikes through forests, meadows and vineyards punctuate the culinary extravaganza on white linen decked tables around the campfire in the wild: at noon and in the evening. Always accompanied by great red and white wine specialties from our world-famous German winery partners. For sporty and active wine and nature lovers, we stage a forest & vineyard tour with the Segways – pure action.

Grilling “wild meat” means preparing meat that, due to the animals’ natural way of life, has not been exposed to medication or the injection of flavour enhancers, nor to stress. In addition, meat that does not come from fattening farm-feed, but whose origin is based on natural, varied nutrition inevitably has an extremely positive effect on the taste. In addition, the natural nutrition of the game provides us a with significantly higher protein content, more minerals and a higher content of the very healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Only slowly growing meat is interspersed with the finest small fat strands that make the meat particularly tasty and low-fat at the same time.

Traditional juices at its very best! Local fruit can be experienced in our exclusive outdoor juice bar! A constant companion (in addition to our regional wine specialties) of our authentic culinary outdoor extravaganza are “directly pressed” vintage domestic apple varieties such as Red Star Renette, Topaz, Kaiser Wilhelm, Rubinette, Jonagold, Elstar, Schoener von Boskop, Cox Orange, Bohnapfel and the Constantinople apple-quin. Additionally, local berry varieties from German forests and meadows, some of which were already being harvested as early as the 15th century join the experience! Gently pressed juices from the red triumph berry, red & black currant, the forest bluberry, elderberry and the aronia berry. Our experience of local juices is completed with rhubarb, wild plum, Stromberger plum as well as the local cherry variety Morellenfeuer and the Williams Christ pear … in family tradition handpicked and passionately handcrafted by our partner Obstsaftkelterei van Nahmen in Hamminkeln.

We design our camp “Wild Homeland Ahr” with our partner, Weingut Meyer-Näkel in Dernau including an extensive, culinary wine tasting in the legendary barrel wine cellar on the estate.

Our camp “Wild Homeland Mosel” in partnership with Weingut S.A. Prüm in Wehlen includes an extensive, culinary wine tasting in the estate’s wine cellar.

Accommodation is in friendly, family-run country guesthouses and hotels including breakfast. There is a bus on standby around the clock for transfers between the hotel / winery / nature spots.

The camps “Wild Homeland” are accompanied and staged by the international “wine & food edutainer”, onologist Roland Birr

The Taste & Travel trip “Wild Homeland” takes place on fixed dates, but can also be booked individually for closed groups.

695 € per person all inclusive: unlimited food & drinks, overnight accommodation, hikes & tours, and all transfers during the camp.

  • Participants must arrange their travel to and from the camps

Please contact us: +49 176 40289039

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